Dorianne Hutton Fine Art, Greenwich CT

Dorianne Hutton Fine Art
Powering the Color Mill, 2012
Paper, gold leaf, foam core, wood box base
21 x 24 x 12 inches
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Dorianne Hutton Fine Art
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Kim Tamalonis
American, b. 1973
About the Artist

I make art to satiate a daily need to be involved in the creative process. Cut paper is my most frequently used medium. I make dynamic systems that seem to churn, pulse and transmit energy.  

I teach art full-time at Rye Middle School. The contemporary art world is a constant inspiration for the projects I create for my students. When I’m not teaching, I obsessively make art and attend art shows. I’m so honored to participate in the IFPDA Print Fair for the third year with Dorianne Hutton Fine Art.

About Powering The Color Mill

The Color Mill is a symbol of positive momentum in the United States. Forces that keep America thriving are referenced along the blades of the mill and along the wheel. However, what lies beneath the colorful blades are destructive influences that slow down the churning of American ideas, energy and industriousness. 

Subtle red, white and blue accents frame each part of the piece. The ever-present political conversation leading up to the 2012 presidential election inspired and directed the creation of this work.