Dorianne Hutton Fine Art, Greenwich CT

DHFA Art and Design Services
Residential Design Services

Presentations in the privacy of your home offer the least distractions and the best viewing to make the right decisions. By appointment, we visit you with design solutions, art choices and framing designs especially selected with your aesthetic and lifestyle in mind.

With over thirty years of experience in the arts, we understand from start to finish, how to help you enjoy your art, photography, or new art acquisition in an easy and effortless way.  

Professional Art Installations

Art installation is an art in itself. DHFA installers are equipped with the knowledge, experience and skill necessary to carry out successful installations of both high level fine art, as well as the most detailed conceptual art projects and challenging installations. 

A trained eye and hand are only part of the skills needed. Professional art installation is as much about balance, design and good taste as it is about technique. Height, distance, combination of color, texture and image are all a part of the installation process. We are experts at art placement and arrangement. We offer simple picture hanging, security hanging, and more complex, technical, museum installations. Ask us about our most incredible installation ever!
Corporate Art Services

From concept to design, DHFA collaborates at all stages of renovations and new constructions
 with visual components and design that reflects each of our clients' own branding and identity. 

For the best results, consider planning artwork in the early stages of your interior's project. Artwork is more than just a finishing touch; it defines an atmosphere and communicates without saying a word. 

Dorianne Hutton Fine Art
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