Dorianne Hutton Fine Art, Greenwich CT

Dorianne Hutton Fine Art
Charlie Hewitt
American, b. 1946
Dorianne Hutton Fine Art
P 203.253.2315
Marker, 2011
Woodcut eight color, printed from mahogany and birch veneer blocks cut and carved by the artist. Printed and editioned in eight runs.
23 x 16 inches
Ed. of 100
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Born in Lewiston, Maine in 1946, Hewitt grew up in Auburn, known as the twin cities of Maine. A student of Philip Guston, David Hare and Elaine DeKooning at the New York Studio School, Hewitt has played a significant role in printmaking in Maine since 1984, when he returned to the state to work at the Vinalhaven Press.

For Hewitt, the process of beginning and developing an image and the collaborative nature of printmaking, are what make the medium so appealing. He often speaks of his desire to portray "things," or "stuff" in his art. In speaking of his painting, he has said, "When I paint a form, it's real to me. It actually exists - as if it is, say, a rope or a chain.This statement is amply demonstrated, for instance, by just one of his motifs: the appearance of brawny hands, usually grasping tools. The viewer may be reminded of how often Rembrandt depicted hands (one of the most difficult problems in draftsmanship), and how their gestures reveal deeply human qualities. This physical reality - both of the object and the representation of it - is a major characteristic of Hewitt's prints and sculptures.