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About Ecce Homo

The exhibition, Echo, presented the challenge of making prints which had a repeated idea, image or mark.
Ecce Homo presents, 2000 years apart, the idea of two armies of occupation imposing their justice on a civilian in captivity. The Roman Army in Palestine presented Christ before the people ( Ecce Homo translates from the Latin to English as “behold the man”) The military police of the US Army of occupation in Iraq secretly tortured their prisoners at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison. The hooded figure in Ecce Homo is being tortured with electric wires attached to his hands. Without the hood and electric wires, his stance, with outstretched arms reminded me of a priest standing before an altar. I photo etched a detail from Rembrandt’s etching of Ecce Homo and placed it in juxtaposition to the Iraqi prisoner. In inking the two phrases of Ecce Homo beneath the two figures with black and gray inks, I was able to pull out the hidden word, Echo, in each.

About Mannequin

The print, Mannequin, was created for the exhibition Panorama. Instead of creating a landscape, I photographed an artist’s mannequin on a white sheet of paper in full sunlight which created strong shadows. The photograph was enlarged and elongated. Drawings were subsequently made and traced on to a copper plate, and the lines were then engraved. The tones and dark shadows were then etched using aquatint with the acid being brushed on the copper in a technique called spit bite aquatint.

Both Ecce Homo and Mannequin were created for the Center for Contemporary Printamking's Annual Members's Exhibition which are based on a theme.
Anthony Kirk
Scottish, b. 1950
Ecce Homo, 2010
Etching and aquatint
18 x 24 inches
Ed. 50

Mannequin, 2012
Engraving and aquatint  
9.5 x 24 inches
Ed. 30  

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